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Approaching start leagues, as some of you know what I posted was only matches with arguments, without feeling or other nonsense. Such arguments are generally based on the lack of several owners. Usually from 4 -5 up.



Some of you know how much work is submitted for finding a good match and I’ll do my best to find the best matches.

I definitely will post BEST MATCHES and hopefully championships now beginning to be surprises and no arrangements have been in the competition break. I have my request to you, I want to see how many readers are active, I mean how many watching and reading the posts to leave a signature.

We’ll use the same strategy as last season.

It is important to be consistent and play according to the bank that we have that greed often leads to bankruptcy.

Each of us when they look like a great bet for each league and top ranking but often it’s not a very solid argument so I thought I post and the value of each team to see how how the market value has every in part. Neither is a strong argument but it correlated with other information that may lead us to a winning conclusion

Author: Scott Hoffman

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